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5 top tips to keep your hanging baskets healthy

Written by: phs Greenleaf

At phs Greenleaf, we understand how important it is that your premises look inviting to customers throughout the year. During those dark winter months we can help you liven up your space. Hanging baskets are a simple solution for brightening up your outdoor area and help attract both regular and new customers!

We've come up with our 5 top tips to help you keep your hanging baskets healthy all year around:

  1. If you have a full service and maintenance agreement with phs Greenleaf then sit back and enjoy your beautiful baskets and troughs.
  2. Watering your basket - Containers and baskets can dry out quickly. Water until the excess streams out. If you don’t give your baskets enough water, the roots won’t grow enough to sustain a healthy crop of flowers. However, beware of overwatering your plants, as this can also create adverse growing conditions.  phs Greenleaf use a specifically developed winter basket which reduces the likelihood of the basket drying out whilst not holding too much water which could freeze and damage the plants root system.
  3. Dead-heading faded flowers – It’s important to snip off dead flowers, as this encourages fresh growth and a new crop of flowers. If you don’t dead-head your plants, they assume their job is done and put all their energy into creating seeds.
  4. Feeding your flowers - Whilst potting compost contains plenty of nutrients and will sustain a hanging basket for a while, regular watering soon leaches the goodness from the soil. You can replace these vital nutrients with a fertiliser. These are available as a liquid fertiliser or a dry mix. Use one or the other, not both. Check the instructions and follow them carefully before use. Ask us for advice if you need some help with this. Liquid tomato feed diluted according to instructions is a top choice, as it contains potash, which encourages flowers to grow in abundance.
  5. Replace dead plants - It is common for at least some of the plants in a hanging basket to die or finish blooming before the season ends. The good news is that you don’t have to end up with a half-dead hanging basket spoiling the view. You can easily replace any dead or dying plants. Take your basket down and carefully ease out the offending plant. Replace it with a new plug or add a bit of extra compost and before long, the surrounding plants will fill the gap.
  6. Prune back leggy plants - Plants often become leggy as summer progresses. Trailing ivy looks pretty, but straggly petunias less so. Trim back leggy growth to encourage your plants to produce new shoots from the base. This will ensure your hanging baskets are full of densely packed, healthy plants.


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