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Indoor plants in white pot next to a chair

Choose from a selection of real or artificial interior plant displays

Our range of indoor plants includes both real and artificial plant displays, each with their own gorgeous containers from our designer and collection ranges.

We are committed to helping you nurture a luscious indoor space that encourages your employees and visitors to feel happy, relaxed and welcome. In this way, we are happy to discuss your company’s needs with a view to creating a bespoke display that fits with your brand. Every business is different, after all, and we are keen to satisfy each and every one of our clients.

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Hanging baskets mounted on side of pub wall

Attract customers with a gorgeous exterior plant display

Maintaining a healthy and inviting exterior plant display is a fantastic way to entice customers into your shop or office space. If you’re wondering how to achieve such a display, look no further than phs Greenleaf. We boast a stunning range of outdoor plant displays - including summer and winter hanging baskets - to ensure that your business premises stand out from the crowd.


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Living wall with a door way

Explore our living walls

Our living walls allow you to introduce a burst of natural colours and textures to any commercial or corporate environment. Any setting can benefit from one of these fascinating features, including hotels, shops, offices and meeting rooms, healthcare facilities, spas, and schools. An unusual fixture like this makes your space stand out from the crowd and creates a striking first impression for potential customers and partners.

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Christmas tree in front of a fireplace

Helping you get ready for Christmas

A beautiful Christmas tree has the potential to entice customers, motivate employees, and inject a healthy dose of joy into your business during the festive months. To ensure that all tastes and needs are catered for, we boast a wide range of ten Christmas tree designs including real, replica, or table-top varieties. The trees range in size from 3ft to 45 ft. We also offer festive wreaths, garlands, and desktop displays.

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