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Making the new normal, feel normal...

The past few months have been unpredictable and hard for many of us. We’re now realising that COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere and we’re making it our business to help you adapt to the new normal.

Throughout this crisis we have been by your side and we are now here to help your business adhere to the new social distancing guidelines.

Royal Warrant

The Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition to those who supply goods or services to royal households for at least five years.

Since 2010, phs Greenleaf have held a Royal Warrant for the installation and maintenance of plant displays in Buckingham Palace – plant displays that are truly fit for a Queen!

Tall outdoor plants with pink and white flowers

Planting ahead for the spring reopening...

It’s been a long year but it finally looks like we’ll have something to celebrate this spring. And as pubs and restaurants re-open, the race is on to create attractive outdoor spaces and fill them with customers eager to make the most of relaxed lockdown rules. Hanging baskets, planted troughs and floral containers are go!

Explore our living walls

Our living walls allow you to introduce a burst of natural colours and textures to any commercial or corporate environment. Any setting can benefit from one of these fascinating features, including hotels, shops, offices and meeting rooms, healthcare facilities, spas, and schools. An unusual fixture like this makes your space stand out from the crowd and creates a striking first impression for potential customers and partners.

Living wall in a meeting room
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