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Making the new normal, feel normal...

The past few months have been unpredictable and hard for many of us. We’re now realising that COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere and we’re making it our business to help you adapt to the new normal.

Throughout this crisis we have been by your side and we are now here to help your business adhere to the new social distancing guidelines.

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The 10 best office friendly plants...

From a few strategically placed pots to an extravagant display in your foyer, indoor plants can completely change the mood and feel of your workplace. Office plants work to improve employee well-being, naturally purify the air, and create an inviting and comforting environment. They brighten small areas and can be used to create a big impact in larger areas.

Living wall with a door way

Explore our living walls

Our living walls allow you to introduce a burst of natural colours and textures to any commercial or corporate environment. Any setting can benefit from one of these fascinating features, including hotels, shops, offices and meeting rooms, healthcare facilities, spas, and schools. An unusual fixture like this makes your space stand out from the crowd and creates a striking first impression for potential customers and partners.

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Winter grounds maintenance

Before visitors even step through the door, they've formed their first impression. Make sure that it's the right one, with professional grounds maintenance from phs Greenleaf. We provide grounds maintenance and landscaping services for properties of every shape and size. We don't just keep your grounds looking their best, but also ensure that they're safe and accessible in absolutely any type of weather.

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