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Office Christmas Tree Trends For 2021

Written by: phs Greenleaf

phs Greenleaf has been providing planting and landscaping services to businesses for over 25 years, including indoor and outdoor plants, artificial and live planting, living walls, grounds maintenance and Christmas trees and decorations.

You’re never too old to get excited about the Christmas period. From the food to the decorations, it’s an enchanting period. Even the workplace often transforms to a place of sparkle and glitter during the festive season.

As you might imagine - Christmas is a very busy time for phs Greenleaf, as companies that rarely have office plants at all usually do during these few months, and those who always do - well they need to step their game up at Christmas too!

After last year’s Christmas being somewhat of a disappointment for many, we thought now was the perfect time to bring you our top office Christmas tree trends for 2021!

Christmas Tree Ideas for the Office

Each year there is often a measurable pattern of Christmas tree trends following those of actual fashion, especially in regards to colours, styles and overarching themes. This year this is especially noticeable as rose gold has been one of the most popular fashion styles of the year and is already beginning to crop up as a popular Christmas tree idea.

The combination of rose gold and gunmetal, often seen in modern feminine furniture styles, is one that has begun to pop up and become very popular. In fact, you may see one of the most standout Christmas tree styles this year coming from similar but different blends of different metallic colours. Tones like gold, yellow gold, champagne, silver and gunmetal can all work well with this colourway. Our own Champagne Fizz tree is a luxurious take on this style.

Of course, there will always be plenty of space for the traditional Christmas coloured trees (usually green, red and gold). Around 2 decades ago, when Christmas trees and decorations first became an important part of the corporate landscape, most of the luxury hotels in London had traditional coloured Christmas trees with the stylish addition of tartan ribbons tied in bows. It may be a great idea to take a similar strategy, starting with a relatively “normal” Christmas tree and adding something to make a unique statement based on your company's goals.

However, in more recent years, upmarket hotels and restaurants have been taking it an extra mile. The new way for them to make a unique twist on the Christmas tree is to hire designers to create Christmas trees as unique art installations.

Things like tinsel and lametta were highly popular in the early 2000’s before falling out of grace. In some domestic scenarios they seem to be having somewhat of a resurgence, but they remain a rare sight in corporate settings. It is possible that this is heavily influenced by the extra cleaning that is often required due to the presence of these loose and easily detachable decorations.

Another common change is Christmas tree lights - once popular multicoloured, but now often seen to be more classy when just white. A nice twist would be single colour lights that match your company branding.

Of course, Christmas tree lighting doesn’t end at a few indoor Christmas trees. If your premises contain a lot of outdoor land, you might want to consider commercial Christmas lighting for actual trees, walls, or other outdoor objects to brighten up your surroundings in those cold evenings.

Professional Christmas Tree & Decoration Services

Here at phs Greenleaf, we are the UK’s leading supplier of Christmas trees, decorations, lighting and bespoke displays for companies and organisations. We are able to handle design, installation and maintenance, no matter how big or small your display. From government buildings and hospitals to schools and office buildings, we handle commercial Christmas decorations in every town and city in the country.

To learn more, take a look at our Christmas brochure, or contact us now!

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