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Spruce up your pub garden with these summer horticultural trends

Written by: phs Greenleaf

Finding a glorious pub garden filled with flowers, plant pots and hanging baskets while you soak up the rays and enjoy a beverage is a top priority as soon as the sun makes an appearance – especially in the UK when it’s less expected! With the first glint of spring surprising us last month, excitement is now bubbling for the warmer weather. Some might say it’s the perfect time to prepare your pub garden with everything from patio plants to green living walls for an influx of visitors.

By creating a bright and welcoming pub garden for your customers, your premises will be a big hit this summer and be the top place to dine and drink in the sunshine.

Take a look a look at some of the top garden trends – including artificial plants, artificial flowers and living walls – to help you refresh or design your space so that it’s perfect for the busy summer season.

Incorporating colour with flowers

Colour plays a significant role in garden design for all types of businesses and organisations, from hospitals and educational facilities, to pubs, restaurants and hotels. Certain shades are shown to affect mood and experiences, having the potential to make us happier. Matching colours in hospitality environments has also been reported to potentially double food sales and boost profits. 

Adding colour to exterior spaces is simple enough and there are some basic planting options available to ensure you don’t overwhelm the senses. Real or artificial hanging baskets are ideal for pubs that want to create interest around facades and entrances. There are also smaller plants for pots or tubs and outdoor artificial plants that are suitable for pathways and patios.

Opting for phs Greenleaf’s professional planting service, you can choose from a wide range garden plants and flowers, offering summer shades to complement your exterior décor. You could also incorporate Pantone’s colour of the year – Living Coral to set the perfect transitional spring to summer tone in your pub garden or office outdoor space.

The benefits of hanging baskets for pub garden ideas

Hanging baskets make fantastic garden pub ideas. Not only do they add some colour and familiarity, but they are also a great way to show people that summer is on the way and get people excited for the season ahead.  Here are some of the benefits of hanging baskets if you’re looking for some summer pub garden ideas:

Kerb appeal

Hanging baskets filled with vibrant flowers or lush greenery can significantly improve your pub's exterior appearance, attracting potential customers and making a positive first impression. Hanging baskets for pubs can draw in customers by adding to your pub’s aesthetic appeal, and could help more people be drawn to your pub over the competition.


Well-maintained hanging baskets can contribute to a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for customers, creating a more enjoyable dining or drinking experience. In the UK, we love a beer garden, and this is a simple way to create a fun and colourful space to enjoy as the weather gets warmer.

Use of space

Hanging baskets are an excellent way to add greenery and floral displays to outdoor areas without taking up valuable floor space, making them ideal for pubs with limited outdoor seating.

Seasonal variety

By changing the plants in the hanging baskets with the seasons, pubs can keep their outdoor areas visually interesting and aligned with seasonal themes, such as spring blooms or festive winter displays.

Branding and identity

Customised hanging baskets with plants that reflect the pub's branding colours or logo can help reinforce its identity and create a memorable visual impression for customers.

Among other garden pub ideas, hanging baskets have a lot of appeal, and are an affordable way to dress your space throughout the spring and summer months. 

The best plants for pub hanging baskets in the spring/summer season

Hanging baskets make an excellent addition to your premises in the spring and summer season – but if you don’t look after them, they could soon become less appealing to your customers! The simple solution for attractive seasonal pub hanging baskets is to use low-maintenance plants that will thrive no matter the British weather. Here are some of our top picks for hanging baskets for pubs:

  • Petunias: Petunias are available in various colours and are highly resilient to heat and sun.
  • Geraniums: Featuring beautiful blooms in different shades, they are drought-tolerant, perfect for summer hanging baskets.
  • Bacopa: These small but bright flowers cascade in white or pink shades, and are ideal for trailing over the edges of your hanging baskets.
  • Ivy: Ivy adds lush foliage and texture to baskets, and requires minimal care once established.
  • Sweet potato vine: Stunning foliage in shades of green or purple that add visual interest.

Even if you choose low-maintenance plants for your summer pub hanging baskets, you still need to keep an eye on them to help make sure they stay looking their best. Make sure they’re watered regularly and watch out for any signs of damage that might show that they need some extra TLC.

Create an outdoor snug using outdoor plants

Outdoor hideaways are a popular feature for pub gardens. Much like the concept of a summerhouse or snug for a residential space, using house plants, replica plants or even a vertical garden, this small yet practical area can help create privacy and charm for occasions and special events. For larger pub gardens, you could consider a semi-permanent gazebo during the summer; allowing your customers to enjoy the space and some of the best plants for pots all year round.

Practical planting for hanging baskets and plants for pots

Pub gardens often require significant maintenance to keep everything looking fresh and vibrant. For those that want an appealing exterior space without the regular upkeep, clever planting techniques, as well as plant pots and hanging baskets could be the answer.

Recently, we’ve experienced some of the hottest summers on record in the UK, and you may have noticed flowers and plants for pots looking a little parched. To overcome this heat, opt for plants and shrubs that can withstand hotter temperatures. Greenery that requires less watering and pruning is preferable for those wanting a low maintenance solution.

Bring the outside in with house plants, replica plants and real or artificial flowers

Of course, the British weather is anything but reliable so to complement your exterior spaces, indoor plants are a great way to bring greenery into the building. Introducing plant pots and house plants indoors will help transition your summer themes into the bar and restaurant areas. Plants also go way beyond aesthetics in your design and have lots of other benefits, including:

  • Improving air quality
  • Providing natural screens and noise reduction
  • Enhancing the environment to improve well-being
  • Reduces dust levels
  • Improving the atmosphere of your interiors and customer perception of your business.

Don’t have floorspace for indoor plant pots?

If your building is low on floorspace, another option is to install a living wall. This concept is ideal for transforming your wall space into a colourful and interesting vertical garden that’s sure to be a conversation starter. Build a green wall that incorporates interesting colours and textures while also offering all the same benefits to wellbeing and air quality as traditional plants and flowers.

Get your pub garden summer ready…

For a wide range of ideas and expert advice, get in touch with phs Greenleaf to transform your pub garden with plants and flowers in time for summer. 

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